8 Pack Mount Metal Plate, Pop -tech Thin Metal Disc with 3M Strong Sticky Pads Adhesive Magic Plate for Magnetic Car Phone Holder Cradle, 4 Rectangular Metal Stickers and 4 Round Metal Stickers
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These car mount metal plates are not magentic.just are working only with magnetic car mount and magnet mounts

8 pack metal mounting plates for many devices. You may share the extra thin metal plates with your family members or friends. These car mount plates are just what anyone with a magnetic mobile phone mount and a new case needs

Nice quality Metal mounting plates for magnetic mounts with slick and smooth edges to reduce cut and increase safety

The two different size plates are nice for multiple devices.These are ultra thin plates no any bulk to your cell phone

Helpful replacement kits for magnetic car mount.


Product description

Color:8 Pack Metal Plate

1. Works with magnet mount designed to hold devices with metal plates.
2. Extremely functionnal replacement mount plate kits to make the magnetic mount work well, and the magnetic plate will never scratch your devices.
3. This magnetic mount plate is designed with rounded corners that easily sticks to the back of devices and the magnetic mount, so that the device can be securely held in place.
4. The size of the rectangular magnetic plate is made to support all devices and steady mounting of them onto the magnet mount.
5. The 4 clear protective sticker are used to prevent attaching anything directly to your device.
6.easy removal not leave any residue or marks on my phone at all

How to Use:

For Phone with a Case (Lifeproof Fre Case or case with a kickstand or ridges are not compatible)
-- Stick the clear sticker outside of your phone case, then place the metal plate onto it.

For Phone without a Case
-- Stick the clear sticker on the back of your phone firstly, then place the metal plate onto it.

Package Includes:
4x Rectangular mount metal plate
4x circulate mount metal plate
4x Clear Protective Sticker

Note: The 3M adhesive with the metal plate can not be used twice.

For customers with BIGGER AND BULKIER phones, please first check if the magnetic car mount you have/you purchased is strong enough to support your phone.

Your MAGNETIC car mount will determine how well OUR PRODUCT work.

you deserve the best metal plate

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