How to use the coupon code for get discount?

1. Open the Amazon Product Page

2Add The Item To Your Cart And Proceed To Checkout

3. Input the coupon code In the “gift cards promotional codes” and click apply.

Will this car mount base stand firmly on dashboard?

Yes, as long as a tape adhesive will adhere to your dash. 

How would I safely remove the mount from my dashboard without damaging my dashboard?

The dashboard mount is stuck with 3M adhesive tape. Here the below steps will be helped you how to safely remove it: 

The best way to remove is to take some fishing line or dental floss and slide it underneath the mount, then use a sawing 

motion to cut through the adhesive. After removed, any remaining adhesive can be wiped away with a damp cloth without 

leaving any residues.

I want to put it on my dash. But it is slightly curved where i would want it. Would it work?

The base is so small that you shouldn't have a problem in placing it anywhere on the dashboard. Buy with confidence! 

Can it be used to mount a gps unit ?

It's pretty strong. As long as you attach the sticky tape metal plate to the lower part of the gps back it should work but 

by design it won't have much clearance on the bottom. If you gps is the same rough size as a phone it will work. 

How strong is the magnet? Will the phone fall of when driving on bump road?

Mine has stayed intact through lots of bumps in the road! 
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