Sticky Adhesive Replacement for Socket Wallet+ Base, pop-tech 6pcs 3M VHB Strong Sticker Pads for Cell Phone Wallet Plus Case Back Stand, Double Sided Tape for iPhone 13 14, Samsung & All Smartphone
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【DESIGNED FOR SOCKET WALLET】 6 PACK VHB 3M adhesive strips fix for Socket Wallet Oval Base, exclusively designed for smartphone socket wallet. When your socket wallet loses its stickiness, these extra 3M double sided tape backup installation adhesives are a great choice for re-sticking/re-using it. With the help of a strong and compact mobile phone wallet paste pieces substitute, you can restore the stickiness of the socket wallet and resume its use.
【HIGH STICKINESS】 Super double-sided polygon 3M VHB cellphone wallet replacement adhesion pad's stickiness is 40% stronger than original 2 sided tape sticky glue, and it is high temperature resistance(120℃+). They are sturdy and durable, and replaceable features bring convenience to your mobile phone wallet usage.
【EASY TO USE】 The 3M high bond sticky adhesive attachment kit can be easily re-installed in the socket wallet without tools. (1) 6pcs clear protective film provided, protect your phone from scratch, only need to peel off the protective film when removing the socket wallet adhesive, WITHOUT RESIDUES. (2) 6pcs alcohol prep pads provided, please clean the phone wallet base and the surface of the phone case carefully before sticking.
【NOTE】 (1) Please wait 24 hours to ensure that the sticker has the best adhesion after stuck. (2) Please do not stick the clear protective film or 3M adhesive to SILICONE or LEATHER or HIGHLY TEXTURED or SOFT case. (3) Make ensure the desired surface is clean and dry. (4) Do not touch the adhesive gel directly with hands. (5) Each 3M VHB rubber adhesive is for one-time use.
【WARRANTY】 Pop-tech products provide 12 months worry-free after-sales warranty service (extended from 12 months to 18 months if you contact customer service with any problem). Compatible with any cellphone, iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, iPhone 13 pro max mini series, iphone12 series, iPhone 11 series, iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Google Pixel, LG, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi, iOS & Android cellphone, etc.


------pop-tech 6 Pack Genuine 3M Double Side Adhesive Stickers Personalized Design for Upgrade Socket Wallet Series Base------

Package Includes:

● 6 Pack Superior New Sticky Pads Tailored for Socket Wallet User

● 6 Pack Clear Protective Thin Film for protection

● 6 Pack Prep Pads Wieps for Cleaning Phone and Base

Product Features:

● Connector for Sokcet Wallet Series Base, multiple tapes friendly for classic socket wallet / wallet+ / wallet plus / Wallet integrated swappable expandable top / wallet minimalist / card holder etc.

● Removable Sticky Adhesive disc for socket wallet as backup.

● Clear Protective Film piece to protect your device from scratches.

● Additional Wipes Prep Pads Provided for cleaning the Surface.

● Easy to use for reapplying your socket wallet oval base as replacement part.

● Original 3M adhesive with stronger stickiness and lasting.

● High temperature resistance ( heat / hot resistant ), heatproof, don't worry about phone overheat.

● Let your swappable wallet reusable & repositionable & attachable & detachable & mountable & stickable, save your money!

● The shape is identical to the original tape.

● Simple install/ fixing / reinstalled and lines up well.

● Works with all colors of wallet, like wallet style for men, women, boys, girls.

Important Notes:

● Each ordinary official 3M VHB adhesive tab is one-time use, can not be reuse. Please use carefully and refuse to waste!

● Make sure / keep the desired surface is clean and dry and smooth and no dust and flat and sleek.

● Do not touch the adhesive gel grey stuff directly with hands, this will make the adhesive lose loss its stickiness!

● If you find the red protective films hard to peel, please press back and then peel again.

● Please wait at least 24 hours to ensure that the sticker has the maximize max adhesion viscous after stuck mounting.

● The longer the waiting time to use after installation, the stronger stickiness of the sticky adhesive replacement.

● Please do not stick / affixed the clear protective film or 3M adhesive to SOFT SILICONE or LEATHER or HIGHLY TEXTURED substrates, otherwise it may not work well.

Why Use these Adhesives Alternative?

1. When your wallet sleeve falling due to insufficient stickiness, you can use these patch tapes to repurpose updated the old tapes on the base backing, thereby extending the life of the wallet, without throwing away your entire wallet.

2. When you are not satisfied with the position of the wallet and want relocate / remove / transfer / readjust the wallet base, the viscosity of the wallet base will decrease, you can use these tabs to make the plastic base strip reposition resticking.

3. When you want to replace swapping your phone case, these refill tapes will allow your socket wallet to shift/ repositioned / recenter to the new phone case cover!

4. Anytime you need to replace the adhesive on the socket black base flexible.

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